With over 30 years of experience building creative partnerships and innovative programs that support marginalized communities, improve corporate culture and promote sustainable impact, sharing our collective expertise through targeted support and strategic consultancy for organizations, corporations and non-profits is central to the Creative Acts’ approach


We emphasize a holistic arts-based and community-driven approach that can offer sustainable solutions for inherently complex or systemic issues. We believe that organizations led by creative leaders can ignite higher success rates in innovation, engagement, change and renewal.

Our Core areas of Consultancy:

We specialize in unique, tailored approaches to education, training, support and strategic opportunities development to re-imagine:

  • Social Justice, Criminal Justice & Cultural Reform

  • Incarceration, Rehabilitation & Re-entry

  • Community Partnerships, Social Responsibility & Coalition Building

  • Intersections between Mental Health, Trauma & Healing

  • Employment Pathways & Sustainable Diversity Recruitment Practices

  • Workforce Development & Workplace Culture

  • Human Resources & Organizational Infrastructural Development

  • Employee Retention, Health & Well-Being

  • Creative Management Tools & Collaboration Tactics 

  • Curriculum & Program Design

  • Campaign Management & Events Development 

  • Art- Intervention, Facilitation & Mediation

  • Racial, Social Equity & Cultural Awareness Training

  • Facilitator, Teaching Artists & Art Providers Training 

  • Systems, Corporation, Industry & Cultural Remodeling

To learn more about what our tailor-made trainings and resources can do for your work, contact us below: