Act I


Training- for purpose & for profit organizations, Correctional, Probation Officers, Prison systems, Foundations, Politicians, Governmental Departments

Arts-based advising- for Foundations, Prisons Systems, Universities, National, State & Local Politicians and Governmental Departments

Expanding vision and deepening efficacy- (for purpose & for profits, events, legislation)

Program development & training- for those wishing to work in prison/probation systems, those who would like to refine their current programs, Teaching Artists, non-profits

Advocacy- training and support

Public Engagement & Fundraising

Grant writing

Act II

Speaking Engagements:

Sabra Williams, Cheryl Bonacci, Alumni Students, Teaching Artists


In-prison programming:

An Arts-based approach to behavior and culture change inside prison systems.

Unique and tailored Civic Engagement programs in Juvenile facilities and Reentry

Arts-based Virtual Reality Reentry program for Maximum Security prisons



Sabra Williams will document the phenomenal story of The Actors' Gang Prison Project in the context of the Arts in Corrections movement in America. This book will highlight the crucial importance of equity and access to the Arts for self-identified non-artists.

Act V

Arts & Wellness Reentry Hub:

A new approach to Reentry that encompasses an Arts-based curriculum with Wellness programming in an environmentally beautiful setting- bringing the well documented healing benefits of architecture and beauty on the human spirit.

Peace and culture are one. A genuinely cultured nation is a peaceful nation, and vice versa. When conflicts multiply, culture wanes and nations fall into a hellish existence. The history of the human race is a contrast between culture and barbarity. Only culture is a force strong enough to put an end to conflict and lead humanity in the direction of peace.

Wisdom for Modern Life - Daisaku Ikeda