Creative Acts (C.A.) is an umbrella organization addressing some of our most pressing social justice issues through the transformative power of the Arts, effectively helping to change the narrative on how we see and treat our most impacted communities. Embracing partnerships with those most impacted along with community influencers in systemic change, Creative Acts offers consulting, training, in-prison/re-entry program development support and event development.

C.A. partners Sabra Williams and Cheryl Bonacci collectively bring 30 years of experience speaking for and with those experiencing incarceration, while building a bridge with the larger community open to changing the broken systems around the issue of mass incarceration. 

Sabra has spent more than 13 years disrupting injustice and changing narratives while creating visionary approaches to seemingly intractable problems, offering her a unique perspective from which to share her experience and platform on a wider stage. As Founding Director of The Actors' Gang Prison Project, Sabra, together with Artistic Director, Tim Robbins, and with teaching artists and students, developed an internationally recognized approach, bringing the core skills the Arts provide to people who have had the least access and transforming entrenched oppressive cultures through empowering those most affected.

Cheryl brings to the partnership 17 years of experience supporting marginalized populations along with the systems and communities evolving to facilitate change. Serving as a correctional chaplain for the Los Angeles Archdiocese Office of Restorative Justice paved the way for her position as a founding executive at The Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC). Cheryl developed the unique approach to reentry services that sets ARC apart, building the foundation for the organization to provide direct service and support for more than 400 previously incarcerated young men and women seeking a sustainable, productive future. Her holistic perspective of the issues coupled with the deep relationships cultivated in years of service, offer a unique depth of knowledge and insight in her work.

Expect several Creative Acts to follow in partnership with those most systems-impacted and other influencers and leaders working for change. 



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