Creative Acts is hiring!

Executive Assistant

We’re looking to hire a part-time Executive Assistant at Creative Acts!

You would need to be someone with strong administrative experience and skills. We would like to hire someone who is interested in helping to build a small social justice organization from the ground up, with all that entails. We would prefer someone with experience in and love of the Social Justice movement. You would definitely need to have some passion for and knowledge of Criminal Justice Reform and the Arts.

The person we hire will be someone with excellent administrative skills and proficiency in technology & social media and the ability to work independently and efficiently to support the Executive Director in day to day administration needs, such as:

  • Scheduling

  • Bookkeeping

  • Attending events & meetings and ensuring follow up is completed

  • Supporting fundraising efforts

  • Ensuring accountability and compliance

  • Grant reporting

  • Technology troubleshooting

  • Assist in event production

We love people we don’t have to micro-manage and who have passion, focus and an ability to meet deadlines. We particularly welcome applications from women, and people of color.

This is a great opportunity for the right person to be in on the ground floor of an organization that is already having a big impact on the landscape of Criminal Justice Reform and the Arts. Join us!

20 hours a week

$25 an hour

Possibility of full time within a year

Los-Angeles based.

Please apply with resume attached to:


THE WING x CREATIVE ACTS: A Community Dialogue with Systems-Impacted Women

Earlier this week, Creative Acts and The Wing community in L.A. held a powerful discussion around the impact of the prison system and mass incarceration on women. We engaged in an action driven dialogue with impacted women around cultural awareness, understanding, and changing the narrative on how we see and support our women who are and have been incarcerated. 

"We are incarcerating girls for their trauma. We are not healing anything. And it's not just for trauma, its also where you live, your zipcode."
- Yahniie Bridges 

"It was a place where I actually found a community – a community that accepted me and that understood me and that loved me." 
- Delores Canales 

"We had become so callous to other people's traumas because ours is so great." 
- Wendy Staggs 

#thewing #powerofthearts #dignityforwomen #womenpower#womenempowerment #criminaljusticereform #juvenilejustice#youthjustice 

*If you missed our event, fear not! Our impact report will be released soon. #watchthisspace

Creative Acts + The Wing = NARRATIVE CHANGE!

Creative Acts, in collaboration with The Wing LA, are excited to create programming that will focus on changing the narrative around under-served, systems impacted, and formerly incarcerated women.


Together, we look forward to shifting culture, strengthening support for women who are traditionally excluded, and providing access to amazing opportunities at The Wing.

#newpartnership #powerofthearts #watchthisspace

Creative Acts's "EMPOWERING VOICES WORKSHOP" at WeRise LA 2019! (May 25th, 10AM)


Los Angeles! @werise_la is hosting their second year of #werisela in the Arts District from May 18-27. ⠀

We are excited to announce that Creative Acts is partnering with We Rise to offer an "EMPOWERING VOICES" workshop! Clear your calendars on Saturday, May 25 at 10AM and join us for a fun interactive workshop for friends, families and communities to engage in arts-focused games and creative tools that empower our individual voices in building safe, healing environments - be it at home, in school and with our peers. When we feel safe, we trust. When we trust, we share. When we share, we heal.⠀

RSVP at .Tickets are free so don't miss powerful workshops, programming and a world-class art exhibit featuring renowned artists such as @obeygiant@mcfetridge@ashlukadraws@radicalhospitality@favianna1@swoonhq@houseofmeggs. ⠀

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Photos from the We-Rise + Creative Acts Workshop!

Interview with Creative Acts's very own Sabra Williams featured on The Visionary Leadership Podcast!⠀

Robert Schwenkler , founder of the Brotherhood Community, and our executive director had a deep discussion about the #powerofthearts behind walls. ⠀

If you’re inspired to hear about any of the following…

  • Sabra’s Journey of Bringing Theatre into Prisons (3:53)

  • Theatre’s Impact on Racial Segregation and Gang Culture (13:21)

  • The US Prison and Justice System (19:01)

  • The Problem with the Word “Recidivism” (25:37)

  • Masculinity and Prison Culture (33:30)

  • The Importance of Self-Work in Social Justice Movements (40:58)

  • Appropriate Leadership in Social Justice Movements (41:57)

  • Experiences with Prison Systems and Policy Reform (44:50)

  • Sabra’s New Initiative Creative Acts and Its Experiences with Juvenile Prisons and Activism (52:47)

  • 300 Year Vision (1:03:05)

Listen in here! -

Creative Acts brings the #POWEROFTHEARTS to the Mayor's Office Blue Ribbon Commission

What happens when you bring gov't agencies, community-based orgs., private sector companies, employers and systems-impacted individuals together through the Arts?⠀

+ Deep listening, Authenticity and Vulnerability⠀
+ Collaboration, Shared Power and Sustainable Solutions⠀

Creative Acts facilitated a discussion for the Mayor's Office Blue Ribbon Commission on how to deepen collaborative efforts to pragmatically drive solutions that support our systems-impacted communities. Through an art-based dialogue, the commission unlocked a deep conversation of what it means to come together to re-imagine what it means to support the needs of our most marginalized communities + be better allies. This is what happens when the #powerofthearts catalyzes an ensemble - where individual perspectives and ideas can be synthesized to show how we are larger + more innovative than the sum of our parts: ⠀⠀

"Investing your second heart⠀
In strangers, in your community, in yourself⠀
To help us create avenues for healing ⠀
For all of us⠀
So that we can see our connectedness⠀
Will you let me be your co-conspirator?" ⠀

-poem by Blue Ribbon Commission Member

"Sensing your humanity⠀
Leading with love⠀
I am empowered to ⠀
travel the avenues of healing⠀
investing my second heart⠀
till I find you again"⠀

- poem by Blue Ribbon Commission Member

Visit our CONSULTANCY page to learn more about Creative Acts' art-based facilitations that we tailor for organizations to identify new opportunities, re-imagine challenges, and co-create solutions. ⠀

Creative Acts + UCLA Visual & Performing Arts Education Program

UCLA Visual & Performing Arts Education Program students repping it up for #powerofthearts! It was a bittersweet but hopeful moment to have wrapped up 10 weeks of our UCLA VAPAE Creative Acts session. So grateful + inspired to train and bear witness to the next wave of art advocates, artists, teachers, art activists and thought leaders who will without a doubt, transform culture and the world for the better.

Deep gratitude to all our special guests who worked with us to inspire UCLA VAPAE's emerging teaching artists this session!  From Vijay Gupta, Fabian Debora and Luis Javier Rodriguez to @YahniieKaihryBridges, Kevin M Kane director for #UCLAVAPAE and Jane Fonda! Thank you for the sharing of powerful knowledge, insights and experiences with our students on the work you continue trailblazing- for illuminating the ways to use multi-disciplinary techniques in communities with the least access to the arts and the greatest needs.

A heartfelt thank you to the formerly-incarcerated alumni teaching-artists who deeply inspired the 10-week class with their experience and the insights they had to share on going back behind the walls to continue this work of growing the movement of the arts - to heal, rehabilitate and empower our most marginalized communities. 

@RichLoya - “To hear the passion you have, your beliefs, it makes me feel good about being back in this world and where our future is headed.”

@RichardRichard - “For me it’s really enriching because that just sends a message to me and for the people who are still behind the walls, that there are people out here who do care and are willing to let their voices be heard… for the desire to be a teaching artist because you are going to make a difference.”

@TerriScrape- “You all have the potential and I believe in you. That you will change lives, and please know that your words matter, that your Art matters, and that you matter.”

Last but not least, thank you to Lauren Pizer Mains who was there representing on behalf of Senator Ben Allen - “I’m so impressed by the diversity of approaches and medium… so many ways of bringing the art to bear in making a difference to society.. your passion for becoming teaching artists will go far to serve you well, to serve all of our communities well.”

Continue to #watchthisspace! We can't wait to see what this rising cohort of teaching artists will bring in shaping the future. Onward!

Hot off the press! Our 2018 Impact Report is here!


From engaging almost 700 youth leaders and mobilizing over 100 artists across the country, we're so proud of the work we were able to accomplish together last year. See what we've been up to, who we've impacted, and where we're going ✨

Take a moment and click here to read the full 2018 report + what’s ahead 2019!

It’s what happens through the #powerofthearts and community, especially when we all create together for social change. Onward to another powerful creative year!

📸 photography credit: the lovely Angie Cibis