THE WING x CREATIVE ACTS: A Community Dialogue with Systems-Impacted Women

Earlier this week, Creative Acts and The Wing community in L.A. held a powerful discussion around the impact of the prison system and mass incarceration on women. We engaged in an action driven dialogue with impacted women around cultural awareness, understanding, and changing the narrative on how we see and support our women who are and have been incarcerated. 

"We are incarcerating girls for their trauma. We are not healing anything. And it's not just for trauma, its also where you live, your zipcode."
- Yahniie Bridges 

"It was a place where I actually found a community – a community that accepted me and that understood me and that loved me." 
- Delores Canales 

"We had become so callous to other people's traumas because ours is so great." 
- Wendy Staggs 

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*If you missed our event, fear not! Our impact report will be released soon. #watchthisspace