Voter turnout at the 2016 midterm elections was at an all-time low, just under 37% of registered voters cast a ballot. At 30.8% California ranked number 43 among the 50 states. The share of voters under 40 fell 10 points. 54% were too busy, out of town, sick, forgot, didn’t like candidates, didn’t know enough or didn’t care. (

This does not bode well for the most important midterms of our lives.

For those who actually cast their ballot, many report the action as, “doing their civic duty”. Creative Acts proposes using the Arts to make an event out of voting and something that will draw people to the Polls.

As the great artist, Paul Robeson said-


Artists are the gate keepers of truth. We are civilization’s radical voice.


In every revolution artists have been at the forefront, using their art to instigate, disrupt and challenge the status quo. Recognizing the crucial place of Art in our culture, Creative Acts is asking artists to turn out and inspire people to vote. When you go to vote, would you be willing to join other artists and get there an hour before or stay an hour after and share your art with the people outside your polling station? Let’s show what Artists can do when they’re engaged and let’s do what we do best to get out the vote! It can be a sing-along, a violin concerto, a Shakespeare sonnet, a mural- you choose. We’ll send you a t-shirt and ask you to film your artistic offering & post it with the hashtag #partyatthepolls.

You in? Let us know & we’ll send you the details: or or Instagram: @capartyatthepolls

#partyatthepolls is a Creative Acts initiative

Photo from our voter registration #artattack at Juvenile Facilities in LA County

Photo from our voter registration #artattack at Juvenile Facilities in LA County