Creative Acts brings the #POWEROFTHEARTS to the Mayor's Office Blue Ribbon Commission

What happens when you bring gov't agencies, community-based orgs., private sector companies, employers and systems-impacted individuals together through the Arts?⠀

+ Deep listening, Authenticity and Vulnerability⠀
+ Collaboration, Shared Power and Sustainable Solutions⠀

Creative Acts facilitated a discussion for the Mayor's Office Blue Ribbon Commission on how to deepen collaborative efforts to pragmatically drive solutions that support our systems-impacted communities. Through an art-based dialogue, the commission unlocked a deep conversation of what it means to come together to re-imagine what it means to support the needs of our most marginalized communities + be better allies. This is what happens when the #powerofthearts catalyzes an ensemble - where individual perspectives and ideas can be synthesized to show how we are larger + more innovative than the sum of our parts: ⠀⠀

"Investing your second heart⠀
In strangers, in your community, in yourself⠀
To help us create avenues for healing ⠀
For all of us⠀
So that we can see our connectedness⠀
Will you let me be your co-conspirator?" ⠀

-poem by Blue Ribbon Commission Member

"Sensing your humanity⠀
Leading with love⠀
I am empowered to ⠀
travel the avenues of healing⠀
investing my second heart⠀
till I find you again"⠀

- poem by Blue Ribbon Commission Member

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