Creative Acts + UCLA Visual & Performing Arts Education Program

UCLA Visual & Performing Arts Education Program students repping it up for #powerofthearts! It was a bittersweet but hopeful moment to have wrapped up 10 weeks of our UCLA VAPAE Creative Acts session. So grateful + inspired to train and bear witness to the next wave of art advocates, artists, teachers, art activists and thought leaders who will without a doubt, transform culture and the world for the better.

Deep gratitude to all our special guests who worked with us to inspire UCLA VAPAE's emerging teaching artists this session!  From Vijay Gupta, Fabian Debora and Luis Javier Rodriguez to @YahniieKaihryBridges, Kevin M Kane director for #UCLAVAPAE and Jane Fonda! Thank you for the sharing of powerful knowledge, insights and experiences with our students on the work you continue trailblazing- for illuminating the ways to use multi-disciplinary techniques in communities with the least access to the arts and the greatest needs.

A heartfelt thank you to the formerly-incarcerated alumni teaching-artists who deeply inspired the 10-week class with their experience and the insights they had to share on going back behind the walls to continue this work of growing the movement of the arts - to heal, rehabilitate and empower our most marginalized communities. 

@RichLoya - “To hear the passion you have, your beliefs, it makes me feel good about being back in this world and where our future is headed.”

@RichardRichard - “For me it’s really enriching because that just sends a message to me and for the people who are still behind the walls, that there are people out here who do care and are willing to let their voices be heard… for the desire to be a teaching artist because you are going to make a difference.”

@TerriScrape- “You all have the potential and I believe in you. That you will change lives, and please know that your words matter, that your Art matters, and that you matter.”

Last but not least, thank you to Lauren Pizer Mains who was there representing on behalf of Senator Ben Allen - “I’m so impressed by the diversity of approaches and medium… so many ways of bringing the art to bear in making a difference to society.. your passion for becoming teaching artists will go far to serve you well, to serve all of our communities well.”

Continue to #watchthisspace! We can't wait to see what this rising cohort of teaching artists will bring in shaping the future. Onward!